Helping Veterans to Understand and Adapt to New Technology

New technologies can be intimidating for anyone. However, we believe that those who have sacrificed should not be deprived of information and entertainment just because they do not know how to use and access digital devices.

Fortunately, Veterans Rock, Inc. is here to help Veterans in Arizona. We care about them, so we want to give back for their service by teaching them how to understand, operate and access modern gadgets in an enjoyable way.


Our Mission

We strive to help Veterans understand, operate, and enjoy technology through modern tablets (for example, iPads). This includes mastery of safely navigating the Internet, downloading and using apps, setting up email, video chatting and discovering Veterans’ resources among many other skills.

How We Can Help

Our skilled and knowledgeable team provides our Veterans with many resources, including group sessions and individual tutoring. We aim to help our clients have Great User Experience and master the devices which are provided and given to them.

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