Improving the Quality of Life for Veterans through New Technology Training

We strive to improve the quality of life for Veterans through new technology training that allows them to learn new skills in a comfortable and supportive way.  We strive to help Veterans reintegrate into society, employment and generally feel and become adept with new technological devices.


Our Mission

We strive to help Veterans understand, operate, and enjoy technology through modern tablets (for example, iPads). This includes mastery of safely navigating the Internet, downloading and using apps, setting up email, video chatting and discovering Veterans’ resources among many other skills.

How We Can Help

Our skilled and knowledgeable team provides our Veterans with many resources, including group sessions and individual tutoring. We aim to help our clients have Great User Experience and master the devices which are provided and given to them at the end of the class.


We need YOUR help!  As a nonprofit organization, we need your donations to continue!

Veterans Rock is an Arizona nonprofit corporation and is in the process of applying to be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Once that designation is received, your donation will be tax-exempt retroactive to the date donated (no earlier than May 16, 2019).  Veterans Rock sincerely appreciates your support.
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